The Culture Challenge: What Can Friends, Family, Fans Do to Help Us Blaze a Trail in Streets, Towns & Cities?

Doc Cunningham
Sounding Off Social

These days it seems as if singing competition shows are everywhere. There’s The Voice and The Masked Singer that keep getting lots of buzz. There’s even a new show around ‘Musical Family.’ During the judging phase of these singing contests, fans have a chance to play along. They’ll vote for their favorite act or share a comment about some aspect of the performance.

Singing Star

The SAIC campaign and Essay Contest is in a new phase doing something similar called the Culture Challenge. It’s a way to ‘play along’ before crowning the winners. It’s a response to the question: “What can friends, family & fans do as Hometown MVPs to blaze a trail in streets, towns and cities?”

So here’s the deal on the Culture Challenge and its main points around how we celebrate ‘smart blocks, woke civics, strong citizens:’

  • Brag: The social part with ‘humble brag’ posts on Twitter (Mondays 4-5pm).

It’s about posting pictures or social notes (using hashtag #CultureChallenge) on how we might See America In Color at school, work, in business and the community. You can put the spotlight on things you’re already doing to blaze a trail in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. If you play along, it’s like being a ‘Culture Ambassador’ which adds to street cred.

  • Brains: The educational part as we learn about and talk about making things better.
Brain Power

Initially, Facebook was an idea for guys talking about the dating scene. Twitter was first about friends sharing notes on their ‘party’ status. The Internet started as an effort to have two computer systems talk to each other. With some brain power in the tech space we went from ‘dah to wow.’ Maybe SAIC can have a similar impact in the social space even if it didn’t set out to fix race relations. If our civics can be a ‘level playing field’ then how we learn about and talk about ‘roots & culture’ may help address a fractured nation.

  • Breakout: The developmental part as we ‘shake, rattle and roll’ our coins and dollars.

We plan to add Arts, Science and Health features to the essay contest in the future. Your donations to our Crowdfunding efforts will go a long way. You can participate as a school, social organization, association or employee/corporation to earn points and win. Folks, this is a chance to spread the word, breakout the checkbook, click the money app and celebrate the score among friends, family and fans. You’ll find more using Go-Fund-Me search keyword ‘seeamericaincolor.’ Wanna make a difference?

Money App

Whether you first got word about SAIC by text, email, one-on-one or social media post, this is not a ‘me’ project but a ‘we’ project. With as many people being a ‘gust of wind’ beneath the wings of this effort, we’ll work together for a larger purpose. The SAIC campaign is ready for a new level so we can’t stop the feeling now. Just gotta keep imagining and dancing because in sports playoffs there’s the ‘bracket challenge’ but in the social space there’s the Culture Challenge.

Tracks: Swing out Sister – Breakout – 

Justin Timberlake – Cant Stop the Feeling –

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