The Ultimate Breakthrough in Next Gen Civics: When You’re Ready for Change and Realize America Can More Fully Live Up to Its Ideals

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The countdown clock is off and running! Every four years the nation gets to vote for the highest office in the land. This time, it’s being billed as the most important decision in a generation, maybe even in our history. The conventions are done, the debates are ramping up along with the campaign ads to get out the vote.

Countdown Clock

There’s also another countdown clock that’s being watched by those who follow consumer technology. In a few months there’ll be an annual convention where the newest bells & whistles in tech gear & wear is showcased. It’s an event where major innovations over the past fifty years first got the light of day in the marketplace.

What if we were to merge the two clocks and reveal the ultimate breakthrough in next gen civics? It would feature new content and social innovations in how you add ‘smarts’ to civics the way biz/tech leaders do for gadgets. That’s what continues to inspire the See America In Color (SAIC) social-edge campaign & platform, in bringing a better picture of civic/social issues for a higher level of citizenship. It’s also what guides the expanded categories of Art & Science in the Essay Contest as well as the empowering insights with Friday Night Flights for taking civic engagement and career dreams to new heights.

The SAIC content came out of a deep dive in American history, the ‘Black to America’ story and #HometownStrong comebacks. It’s built on 7 phases, 3 communities and 2 questions which together create this ‘new & improved’ look at what it means to perfect the Union. It also brings a new awareness to social impact and civic empowerment. In Hollywood we have superstars and superhero characters. In politics we have super pacs and super delegates. At the gas station we have ‘plus’ and super-unleaded. So in civics why can’t we have ‘super citizens’?

Frontline Worker

In developing the SAIC concept, we couldn’t rely on theology to ‘raise the civics game’ because religion has been used with bad intentions in our history. We couldn’t rely on ideology since it can sometimes cause ‘mindless actions’ in certain cases. But we realized that technology would work, considering how society has embraced changes in consumer products over the years. So, to understand how SAIC adds ‘smarts’ to making history fun, civics fresh and culture feel-good, think about:

1. TV picture & video projection

With TVs we’ve gone from black & white to color to 4K-smart. The improvements have come about because of how you ‘project light’ and combine three basic colors: red, green and blue. Well, in the case of SAIC, it’s about projecting light through those 7 phases, 3 communities and 2 questions as well as combining the three color-strands of American history, ‘Black to America’ story and Hometown Strong comebacks. This reveals how we can achieve greater promise over power struggle in the next phase of America’s story. As the land of ‘milk & money’, part of that power struggle is between enriching the brand and expanding the tent, between what gets politicized versus humanized.

2. Car safety & driving perception

Backup Camera

Over the past 50 years we’ve seen major advances in car safety and driving perception. Two fav features are blind spot alerts and backup cameras. When changing lanes, you get a beep and flashing light if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot. When reversing you get a wide-angle view of what’s behind you, with guide-markers that show if you’re about to hit an object. With SAICs look-back, you get a wide-angle view of history, in a way that offers guide-markers of truth, blind spot alerts of reality and patriotism that regards humanity. Unfortunately, there’s no perception tech-remedy for hypocrisy and lies right before our eyes.

3. Pop culture & news selection

There’re lots of ways to get your pop culture fix and different places to get news of the day. Sometimes it’s hard to separate substance from the sensational or to see clearly ahead as citizens in making decisions for the future. Imagine driving in a rainstorm and not being able to see through your windscreen? You’d turn-up the speed selection on your wipers to clear the glass more quickly. Well SAIC helps to more quickly make things clearer on civic/social messaging, especially when the political rainstorm has our ‘wiper blades’ going from left to right and back.

4. Handheld device & personal direction

These days we have more power in handheld devices than in many products when they first came to market. A TV remote makes ‘flashback’ between channels a breeze. A smart phone’s app takes us to first-time places with ‘GPS Go.’  Well with SAICs Declaration of Emergence in hand, folks can experience ‘SAIC Flow’ by moving from where they are to first-time civics places. In addition, it will take them where their hopes, dreams and desires intend for them to be, to live their best life as engaged citizens and exceptional workers.


The news has been tough for the biz sector with word of closings like that of a major movie chain. In some areas there has been a rebirth of outdoor theaters. Not only from the impact of Covid-19 but also from the improvement in ‘screen gain.’ That’s a term for how much better a screen can reflect the light that’s projected onto it. Well, SAIC brings an improvement in ‘citizen gain’ by how we project history and civics onto the big screen called culture. This way folks will have more courage to change with a ‘holy commitment’ towards our future success as a nation.      

You can join the conversation and support our efforts to “See America In Color: With 2020 Vision” at the Facebook ‘Hometown Chat’ Page here     

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