A Civic Leadership Assignment: Get the Best Score for a More Socially Healthy Way of Life as a Culture-Setter

Doc Cunningham
Sounding Off Social

It’s that time of year again! As classrooms and boardrooms return to their regularly scheduled programming, some think this go-around is gonna be different. There’re those focused on the back-to-school drill of lessons, labs and laps around the field/pool. And for others there’s the back-to-the-office skill that’s been working from home when the workplace was shuttered.

Empty Offices

With the Covid pandemic and delta variant causing concern, decision-makers and power brokers are keeping an eye on things from a mental health perspective. But other factors exist as we all try to bounce back from Covid spread, economic shutdown, social protests and post-election drama. Add to that the recent rounds of natural disasters like storms and fires. In other words, we’re all trying to return “back to life better.”

The SAIC initiative “Operation J.U.M.P. for Joy” has helped to jumpstart things, with the idea of “get a shot of vaccine and a boost of civics.” But to keep momentum going and the passion churning we can take lessons from history based on two questions around ‘Hometown Strong’ comebacks that folks before us have served-up as a roadmap:

  • How did they overcome the struggle to get their breakthrough?
  • How did they build excellence to live their best life?
School Bus Pickup

During the initial school year students can expect a subject refresher. As the saying goes “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” Well, it might also make sense whether as students/educators, civic leaders, community/public officials and HR practitioners to review what makes SAIC a social-edge campaign & platform. Yes, in part it’s because SAIC brings a better picture of civic/social issues for a higher level of citizenship. But it’s also because of how it links history and civics to infuse a ‘winning spirit’ in culture from elementary to post-secondary to professional life.

For those culture-setters in different organizations trying to foster a more socially healthy way of life, SAIC is built on combining American History, the ‘Black to America’ story and #HometownStrong comebacks. The genius of the “smart civics” factor runs through 7 phases, 3 communities and 2 questions to help society lessen the impact of partisan hang-ups and social flare-ups. The two questions above are major keys on forging #HometownStrong comebacks by how we handle:

1. Fear

Throughout history, fear has been used as a weapon in the culture wars. It shows up as “fear of the other” based on isms and schisms around race, country of origin or LGBTQ status. In a basic sense, fear is meant to be a protector or motivator. If a situation might cause harm, fear is there to protect us. If a situation might cause second-guessing, we use fear as a motivator. The second guessing could involve possible concern around making a ‘fool of ourselves’. Getting past the second-guessing means recognizing when F.E.A.R. is simply a case of ‘fools error acting ready’ to distract, disable or deny.     

2. Faith

Something else we find in history, is religion being used in harmful ways around matters of faith. That left some people wondering, “Is God really on our side or only on their side?” Those who were able to overcome the struggle during the civil rights movement used faith less as a ‘fool’s crutch’ and more as a strong clutch with a change process. They found strength in building excellence to live their best life by breaking the hold fear had on them to experience a butterfly-breakthrough. It’s like F.E.A.R. became ‘faith effort acting real’ as a mantra and clutch-move to achieving social, professional and personal goals.

Butterfly Breakthrough

3. Firsts

Those who made history in different areas are often known for achieving some kinda ‘first’. Whether it was a ‘first’ in a personal/professional way or a ‘first’ in a more group-engaged way, they were able to shine a light or reach new height in a job, career or vocation. Making history today still involves achieving new ‘firsts’ by how we serve a larger purpose or tap unserved/underserved potential. That’s why SAIC’s mission to “awaken sleeping greatness with smart civics” focuses on how we reach higher in civic engagement, American Dream and civics education. Maybe there’re some ‘firsts’ in our future.

4. Face 

It’s been said “not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it’s faced.” The same is true if we’re gonna return “back to life better” and achieve #HometownStrong comebacks or celebrate #FamilyStrong moments. The storms of life seem more frequent and brutal. The politics of life seem more divided and dysfunctional. There’re certain truths we all need to face to get moving with change or change what’s not moving. Those who engage with life’s truths often become the ‘face’ of an enterprise, movement or comeback story.    

Civic Assignment

So the SAIC civic leadership assignment is about raising our score as culture-setters. Medical experts these days are focused on our mental/physical well-being with programs to get us booster shots of vaccine or personal therapy. But SAIC is focused on #HometownStrong and #FamilyStrong efforts for a more socially healthy way of life by how we handle fear, engage faith, achieve firsts and become the face of an enterprise, movement or comeback story. Whether you’re an American teen, young adult or working professional, we’re headed to a new normal…some kinda way someday.

You can join the conversation and support our efforts with SAICs “Dear America 2021” Letters and Impact Statement at the Facebook ‘Hometown Chat’ Page here http://www.Facebook.com/seeamericaincolor.    

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Dear America 2021

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