How SAIC’s Civic Life Tourney Empowers Local Players & Game-Changers, Where Success at Being Community Best Is a Real ‘Sizzle’ Test!

Doc Cunningham
Sounding Off Social

Who knew Rock music is America’s favorite genre? According to results of a CBS News poll, 32% of Americans pick Rock as first choice, followed by Pop at 15% and then Hip Hop at 14%. Those results apply to a general audience of any age. For those under 30, Hip Hop’s mainstream, #1 all the way baby!

Party Like a Hip Hop Star

In a sense this might explain the format of the Grammys since it’s geared to a wider audience. But with some other Awards shows where the target audience is younger, then Hip Hop might reign supreme. There’re so many Awards shows since there’s so much talent to go around. That got SAIC thinking.

With entertainment and sports, the movers and shakers got things on lock when it comes to celebrating talent across genres in music, and across film on the big screen or small screen. So what if we could do with civics the same as we do with showbiz? The answer might be in SAIC’s Civic Life Tourney and how we “make history fun, civics fresh, culture feel-good.” Checkout the interest link on our Facebook page to learn more.

We watched one of the most thrilling Final Four Championships for both men and women. The play was next level, the competition fierce and the thrills were out-of-this-world. SAIC likes to say the NCAA Tournament brings together 60+ teams that “make basketball fun, competition fresh and college life feel-good.” What we’re trying to do with our Civic Life Tourney takes a page from March Madness.

2022 NCAA Women’s Basketball Champions

But there’s something else in the mix. We watch the game and get the chance of instant replay, above-the-rim camera view and a game clock down to the tenths of a second. We see players achieve new levels of their dreams. In other words, there’re some ‘smart’ features to go along with the great sports play and content. Since SAIC is about “smart civics, better picture”, we envision the Civic Life Tourney as another option for students and communities “to blaze a trail in dreams, roots and culture” in the form of:        

  1. SAIC at Home

We overlook that it takes three streams of light (RGB: red, green, blue) to give us the beautiful picture we see on our smart TV. While we’re watching we don’t have to remind ourselves of that fact, it’s just a given. As we raise a family, some say they’d want their children to not see color, to just see people for the content of their character. But history and civics remind us, while it’s great to “not see color” that sometimes there’s colorism working behind the scenes among African Americans or there can be racism working behind the scenes that show up as hate or discrimination. That’s the ‘SAIC at home’ message.   

2. SAIC at School

In science we learn the spectrum of light is made up seven colors. We don’t normally see those colors with our naked eye within the light. But the SAIC message for students builds on the color TV example. It’s the combining of those three colors of red, green and blue that make for a better picture than on a black & white TV. With SAIC, having a better picture of civic/social issues comes from combining American history, the ‘Black to America’ story and #HometownStrong comebacks. That also means whether Black, White, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latinx, LGBTQ or Bi-racial, you’re part of the better picture.

Light Spectrum

3. SAIC at Work

As we perform in the workforce, one’s skillset and training take on new meaning. What’s learned in school doesn’t seem to always have a one-to-one connection to what’s needed to do a job. Oftentimes the link isn’t as direct or exact as one might expect. But an intangible asset that must be developed over time for greater impact is being able to “connect the dots” across work functions. SAIC at Work (i.e. school-work thru life’s-work) is about connecting the dots across history, civics and culture. Folks can then make greater social impact in an increasingly diverse workforce and responsibility.           

4. SAIC in Community

Nowadays we can ‘mirror-cast’ our smart phones to our TVs. Cars are loaded with ‘smart’ features like backup camera, crash avoidance and lane-departure warning. Radios or smart devices at home display the name of a song and sometimes even the lyrics. We love that our tech & toys come with these bells & whistles that make us look hip and feel cutting-edge. SAIC in Community brings content, plus the idea of a next-level look & feel to history, civics and culture. While Race is a social construct, SAIC is a social-edge campaign/platform adding ‘smarts’ to civics, like biz/tech leaders do with systems and gadgets.

Campus Block Party

So SAIC’s Civic Life Tourney isn’t just about projects in essay, arts or tech. The sizzle is to empower students and communities to bridge social/cultural divides. The theme of #AmericaLiveUp is geared towards our “community best” status in personal, cultural and civic ideals. If we can avoid getting hung-up on race but instead embrace ethnicity or values, we’ll be a step closer to appreciating our diversity. It’s a question of who we are as a nation. Some see themselves as the ‘chosen ones’ or ‘golden ones’. But it’s the real ones that can turn a micro-aggression slight into insight (instead of a fight) and still stay positive.   

Checkout the Civic Life Tourney Interest link on our Facebook page to learn more.    

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