Wish Upon a Star in Civics & Community: A Lit Approach towards ‘A New America’ of Social-Edge Issues Over Wedge Issues

Heard about the new craze in the tech world? It’s a feature that allows you to chat with an app using a few keywords, and have it give you an answer. There’s concern among biz leaders and education administrators of the potential impact. Some worry about students turning in classroom assignments they didn’t write or having crowd-sourced data confused with proprietary info.

“Smart Civics Prompt”

ChatGPT as it’s called, is part of a new platform in ‘artificial intelligence.’ It can write a term paper or even a resumé when given certain prompts. How glorious that might sound when it comes to working smarter, not just harder. We’ve given similar thought with SAIC on helping folks make more sense of history, civics and culture. How can we pack ‘ai’ (added intelligence) to have a better handle of the issues? We describe that feature as “smart civics, better picture”.

Recently, there’s been growing ‘anti energy’ brewing in America that’s anti-semitic, anti-black, anti-Asian, sometimes anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ, etc, basically anti-DEI. It’s why we’ve introduced the concept of DEI + ‘Smart Civics’ within SAIC’s delivery of social content and civic empowerment. This way folks can achieve a higher level of synergy across demographic groups, and a higher level of citizenship across socio-economic groups. We’re also spreading the word on the Civics & Community Series which includes “A New America” Talk. This combination helps bring SAIC to the people and make it more up-close and personal.

Think about “smart civics, better picture” like your cell phone. That handheld device has helped make technology fun, networking fresh and life a bit more feel-good. There’re grandparents in my family (and yours too) who’re iPhone savvy in texting and streaming. With the cell phone, we’re able to network with others via direct message and a few clicks. The device has created a feel-good sense in how we interact with one another (without the trolling of course). In a practical sense, SAIC’s smart civics opens the door for educators to show up like emancipators, giving students more reasons to soar; administrators to step-up more like collaborators than just managers and citizens to be on point like movers & shakers.  

Smartphone User

So in using ChatGPT you can wish upon an idea, and get an ‘intelligent system’ response on various possibilities. In the case of SAIC you can wish upon a star in civics and community and get a connect-the-dots response based on how we make history fun, civics fresh and culture feel-good. This might also help with having a lit approach towards “A New America” of social-edge issues over wedge issues. What does that wish upon a star look like when SAIC gets prompted?   

1. Dream for Country

Many arrive on U.S. soil looking for better opportunities. In the early days, the dream was for having a piece of land. African Americans held on to that dream after being promised “40 acres and a mule”. Then the dream evolved to home ownership. More folks wanted to have their own verandah view. Nowadays it seems the dream is found in the virtual space, where many have websites of their biz while others consider actually going into space. Dr. King once said, “I have a dream that’s rooted in the American Dream”. As part of his dream for country he might use civics to advance edge-issues over wedge issues.       

2. Balm for Community

We’re just in the first few months of the year, having seen many incidents of gun violence and tragedy. From California to Michigan to points south there’s been situations where people are asking why. Then add-in how some will spread misinformation about these events, and it further becomes the kind of pain that’s not welcomed. In scripture, the term “balm in Gilead” is used as a symbol of applying a medicinal (or spiritual) solution to experience inner relief and healing. Well, SAIC’s “A New America” Talk offers a ‘social uplift’ solution as a ‘balm for community’ to bring relief and healing around civic/social issues.          

Medical Balm

3. Hope for Family

Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills shared an update on his condition since his life & death injury. Team officials are monitoring his recovery as they’ll have to decide on his potential return to the game. In responding to a reporter’s question he said “I have a long journey ahead. A journey full of unknowns and a journey full of milestones. But it’s a lot easier to face your fears when you know your purpose”. Well, the gospel according to SAIC and our “JAM With Us” (join a movement) initiative is tied to ‘Dream for Country, Hope for Family’ with more #MojoInAmerica to ‘make our journeys one’.    

4. Hand for Legacy    

This month many returned to the Edmund Pettus Bridge to commemorate the 58th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. That’s where the late John Lewis was injured during a dust-up with riot police at the protest march. In his autobiography Lewis tells the story of growing up in Alabama and living through severe thunderstorms. On one occasion a dark cloud came along with very high winds. The house was on shaky ground so a group of them stood together holding hands so their weight would keep the house grounded. SAIC’s hand for legacy includes folks joining hands to secure our democracy and the next generation.          

Changemakers Paradise

Just remember, as part of our country’s founding, we turned grievance into a foundation (Declaration of Independence) and compromise into a cornerstone (Bill of Rights). These days we have to ask, what does it profit a country if we gain all the power and all the citizen firepower, but lose our citizens senselessly or lose the soul of the nation? So whether in the city, suburb or on a country road we can still have a dream for country, balm for community, hope for family and hand for legacy. But folks, we can’t get caught up in the ‘anti energy’ or keep waiting on the world to change.

To find out more about the Civics & Community Series and how you can “J.A.M. With Us” (join a movement) in civic engagement, social change and community life, checkout the Sign-up Center below.

Tracks: John Mayer – Waiting on the World to Change – https://youtu.be/oBIxScJ5rlY

ConkahGood – Country Road – https://youtu.be/NeSpx7vZifc

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