Independence Day Rewind for the Culture: Let’s Make Things Plain So Folks Aren’t Played the Fool Anymore!

Doing it for the good of America!

What Black History Month Might Mean for a 2026 America: 4 Keys on Having Next Level Civics at the Forefront of Culture

Who’s ready for the call? Well, it depends on whether you watch the Superbowl for the commercials, the halftime show, the game itself or some combo. After a teaser on social media, the halftime show’s producers were hyping it as the best 12-minute music collab on stage. That’s less than a quarter in football play, …

Back to Life Better: Writing a New Chapter in History, Civics & Culture that Sets the Stage for America’s Rebirth in Social Enterprise

Wanna have a #HometownStrong comeback on your block, boulevard, borough or boardroom? Gotta get through the ‘hometown rebound’ pre-season!